• Phillip Gazzard -Founder + Master Dog Behaviour Therapist & Trainer

    The Angel Dog Difference

    Welcome to Angel Dog Training. We are an impassioned company of clinical dog behavioural therapists, we’re not just dog trainers. We aim to modify dog behaviour rather than simply train obedience. We take into account that dogs are pack animals and learn from each other through a system of communication based on a leadership hierarchy. In nature, the natural born leaders with the strongest skills educate the pack. In a domestic environment, it becomes the human’s responsibility to provide this teaching. However, many dog owners submit to the temptation to humanise (anthromorphise) their relationship with their pet and that’s where behavioural problems begin. Dogs start misinterpreting well-intended signals as indecisiveness, become stressed and before long they have become the masters of the house.

  • How it all began

    I was just a young boy when I saw our family's pet dog Tramp, run down and killed by a car. I'd been playing football in the street with my friends and Tramp was enjoying the game as much as we were. In the midst of the fun the ball was kicked across the road and in his excitement, Tramp chased after it. I shouted and screamed to try and stop him but the car hit him and he died of his injuries in my arms.
    That was the moment that sparked my interest in dog training. From then on, it has been my vocation to help as many people as possible understand and communicate with their dogs, because one day that knowledge may just save their dog's life. A pivotal experience, a positive result.

    On the day Tramp died, I believe I made a mental note to myself to learn from the experience. From that day on my interest in understanding and training dogs became pretty much an obsession.

    As time went by, I learnt that the only way to ensure reliable obedience and effective control from a distance was to train dogs to view their owners as pack leaders. The many hundreds of dogs that I have successfully trained over the years since are the proof that this approach works. My only regret is that if I had known all those years ago what I know today, Tramp would have lived to see the following day and maybe many more years as well.

  • The Angel Dog Training Behavioural therapy system of training is based on:

    Talking Dog
    Your dog needs a form of training and guidance they can understand. Angel Dog Training will coach you in the techniques that allow you to speak ‘dog’.

    The Dog-Human Dynamic
    Dogs are not born naughty. But many are labeled ‘bad’ because their owners do not understand them or cannot communicate with them. Using our kind, humane approach, we train dogs and humans together as one, solving behavioural problems by working together as a team.

    We’re different – you’re different
    Like humans, environment, experiences and needs for survival all shape a dog’s behaviour. Our unique training approach based on dog psychology and the dog-human relationship is tailored individually round your dog and you. That way we can identify the causes and factors that are behind the issues and develop a programme that modifies the behaviour accordingly and permanently.

    Happy Dogs = Happy Families, Who can argue with that?

    Our core principles
    From a combination of study, formal training, accreditation and experience, Angel Dog Training has developed a training methodology that helps people to understand and communicate with their dogs. This methodology is based on five governing principles.

    1. Dogs are what they are – dogs
    Your dog is a complex creature. It belongs to the genus canis lupus familiaris that has evolved alongside humans over the last 35,000 years. A dog is not a human yet so many dog owners find it difficult to relate to their pet without anthromorphising. A dog is not a wolf either or any other related species. However, researchers do seem to find it difficult to study dogs in their own right without attaching another label.In a nutshell, dogs are dogs. At Angel Dog Training, we have used our enormous amount of practical knowledge to produce a dog behaviour protocol that is comprehensive rather than restricting academic or specialist and one that is more authentic and accurate than generic studies.

    2. Bad behaviour is a symptom not the problem
    Undesirable behaviour in dogs is more often than not the symptom of an underlying cause and not the problem itself. Our training solutions take into account why the dog is behaving that way. By addressing the issue, we can shift the impetus for the behaviour and prevent the symptoms from recurring or new ones developing.

    3. The pack is the driving force, Dogs are social animals
    Inclusion within the pack or family is an essential requirement because that is how a dog’s needs are met. Bad behaviour often goes hand in hand with pack issues. By reorganising the pack as part of the overall training programme, we can create sustainable and lasting solutions.

    4. Learn to speak the language
    Dogs and humans have much in common but only to a point. We look different, we act different and we perceive the world differently. To communicate with our dogs, you need to speak in their terms not ours.An integral part of our training programmes is showing you how to “speak dog” – through body language, voice tone, timing and sequence.

    5. Use methods dogs use
    The way dogs learn from each other are the ways we use to train them. Dogs don’t use pain or fear to communicate with each other, neither does Angel Dog Training. Generally speaking, dogs learn from conditioning, inference and imitation. We take advantage of these dog-friendly learning processes and use techniques that engage the dog’s natural intellectual capabilities without resorting to force, pain, shouting or cajoling.