• Testimonials

    Customer feedback is of the utmost importance to us, and we pride ourselves on the outstanding results and quality of our dog behavioural therapy and training services. In order to stay at the top of our game and in tune with the needs of our customers, all new clients are provided with access to a feedback form which is sent to our head office. When client permission is granted the comments from the feedback forms are published here.

  • Millie the Cocker Spaniel

    WOW- we have a different dog, thanks Phillip for your help and guidance. The first three hour session you spent with us explaining dog psychology, food, nutrition and behaviour set the scene so well and really helped us understand why Milllie, our cocker spaniel behaved the way she did and how to put it right. Continue Reading

    Sheryl & Kevin Chapman Totton, Hampshire April 19, 2017

    Mitsy had aggressive episodes with other dogs

    My partner Jake and I contacted Phillip about our German shepherd Mitsy. Mitsy liked to rule the house and was overly protective of us when we were out on walks. This led her to have aggressive episodes with other dogs on and off the lead. With just some simple and easy training tips from Phillip, Mitsy has been transformed into a Continue Reading

    Nikita Bedford Totton, Hampshire April 11, 2017

    Fynn needed to understand who was pack leader

    I have two wonderful dogs a Labrador Retriever called Lincoln who is 9 and an Hungarian Vizsla called Fynn who is 7, both very loving and affectionate pets. Lincoln has never been a problem dog and is as ‘laid back’ as only a Labrador could be. However, when we decided to provide Lincoln with an Continue Reading

    Sue Gray Cosham, Hampshire April 4, 2017

    We highly recommend Phillip to anyone experiencing any problems with their dog.  Phillip provides 100% perfection in every way. His support, advice and experience has introduced our precious Boxer dog George to a canine world. Which George sadly had never experienced. We adopted George who will be 9 in June from Thames Valley Boxer Rescue. Continue Reading

    Moya & Dick Hook, Hampshire March 30, 2017

    Ghost showed signs of dog aggression

    When we got our GSD Ghost he was a 7 months old beautiful, majestic and a very loud creature. Soon we discovered that he came with a lot of issues and that he was not socialised in his previous home which had led to him displaying signs of dog aggression. He would bark very aggressively Continue Reading

    Zaneta & Simon Woolston Southampton March 27, 2017

    Archie now has perfect recall

    Our year old Labrador Archie was our second dog so we thought we were equipped to solve any problems.  Sadly we didn’t know just how different two dogs of the same breed could be. Archie is a very intelligent, active and sweet natured boy, but despite his initial puppy training (not with Angel Dog Training) Continue Reading

    Ali Wiseman Fareham, Hampshire March 13, 2017

    Tilly increased confidence for the whole family

    Thank you so much for helping us with Tilly. You’ve helped us completely transform her behaviour and we now have much more confidence in situations that previously filled us with fear. Tilly is a much happier dog and all our friends and family are amazed at the difference in her. It’s not just Tilly you’ve Continue Reading

    Hannah and Patrick Southampton, Hampshire March 7, 2017

    Winston was reacting to strangers badly

    Our French Bulldog Winston had been slowly getting worse over the last 18 months with his reacting to strangers and other dogs. It was getting to the point where I was actively avoiding anyone on dog walk and we had an awful incident with a stranger at a cafe. Phillip showed us that Winston wasn’t Continue Reading

    Emma Janes Southampton, Hampshire February 22, 2017

    Horace was walking on a loose lead

    We adopted our lovely Horace from Blue Cross in August 2015. Horace is a wonderful dog but we felt we needed help with walking on the lead as he is a strong boy and recall was poor when off the lead. We had had 2 occasions where we “lost” him in the forest for a Continue Reading

    Jo & Darren Southampton February 7, 2017

    Dog pyschology for Lexi the Staffi- Cross

    We brought this 9 week puppy Lexi who was a bundle of excitement and joy. We realised shortly after getting her that stern training would be needed. We were keen to do training without treats as we wanted our dog to not be reliant on treats. Instead being obedient to verbal commands and be a Continue Reading

    Francois & Roxy Havant, Hampshire January 30, 2017

    Tilly had me wrapped around her little paw

    Tilly, our three year old Sprocker Spaniel had me wrapped around her little paw. It was time to sort her out. She would pull on the lead, bark at other dogs and had poor recall, only coming back when she was ready. Additionally my wife wasn’t confident in allowing her off lead in the park. Continue Reading

    Iain & Val West End, Hampshire January 16, 2017

    puppy was starting to exhibit aggressive behaviour

    We contacted Phillip at Angel Dog Training because Archie, our 12 week old boxer puppy, was starting to exhibit aggressive behaviour. We had seen the company vehicle helping neighbours nearby so decided to see if he would be able to help us. Phillip spent time to talk through our concerns in detail, and to ascertain Continue Reading

    Craig & David Shirley, Southampton January 3, 2017

    Recall Training for Bertie, now able to let him off lead

    I would like to thank you for all the help and advice you gave me with Bertie, especially his recall training. Understanding his behaviour and why he reacted to certain things has helped enormously. He is definitely a lot calmer and more attentive. He has improved so much since the beginning of his training with Continue Reading

    Sharon Coe Botley, Hampshire December 22, 2016

    Michael the Lhasa barking when visitors came to our front door

    Huge thank you to Phillip. Our Lhasa “Michael” who is so cuddly usually, wasn’t so cuddly when visitors came to our front door. With his very high pitched bark (non stop for minutes) the front door experience was becoming very unpleasant. To the rescue came Phillip from Angel Dog Training. He was absolutely brilliant. Not Continue Reading

    Mike & Christine Hampshire December 9, 2016

    Tom was having trouble with Bella's ability to recall

    I want to say thank you to Phil for all his help with Bella. I was having issues with my three year old Golden Retriever as her recall was terrible.  As well as her jumping up and being so hyper. I had already attended basic puppy training with Bella but did not achieve what was Continue Reading

    Tom Havard Newport, Isle Of Wight November 23, 2016

    Brian was not coping with his dogs barking

    I would just like to say a Big thank you for the help with my dog. Before the training I was at the stage where I was thinking of re-homing my dog as I just could not cope with the barking and not being able to let him off the lead (as he would not Continue Reading

    Brian Pattimore Sholing, Southampton November 10, 2016

    Karen and Beau went through the As we have gone through the programme we have seen more changes which have helped to make Beau into a happy, well adjusted Puppy Management Programme

    Thank you so much for you help with my Springer puppy Beau. The advice and tips you have shown me from your Puppy Management Programme have made such a difference to my relationship with Beau. I have to admit that I was initially sceptical when I was told I would see a dramatic improvement in Continue Reading

    Karen Gamble Portsmouth, Hampshire October 7, 2016

    Sue Hall & Paul webb needed help with Bonnie who had not been socialised.

    We adopted Bonnie from a rescue, she had not been socialised with humans or other dogs, was walked once a week or once a fortnight by friends of her previous owner. Consequently Bonnie was a nightmare to walk, we had to use a figure of eight lead, as this was the only way to walk Continue Reading

    Sue Hall & Paul Webb Chandler Ford, Hampshire September 29, 2016

    Had little to no dog socialisation skills

    Thank you so much to Philip for all the help and support you have given to me and Pennie my rescue dog, who had little to no socialisation skills when I rescued her. When I took on my rescue dog, I never thought about whether the dog would play well with other dogs. I just Continue Reading

    Claire Beech Hayling Island September 12, 2016

    Lincoln thought he was the pack leader

    I felt that I must write a review in order that other people, who may be at the end of their tether as we were with their K9 companion(s), may reach out to Phil and Angel Dog Training for assistance. Dog ownership was not a decision we took lightly. And after lengthy discussions and research Continue Reading

    Andy Gerstel Sholing, Southampton September 9, 2016