• Success with dog aggression

    Success with dog aggressionWe have just completed our training programme with Phillip and it was the best thing we ever did! Gone is the dog aggression and lead pulling. Instead we now have two happy, well behaved dogs. 

    Before having the training Kira and Harley’s behaviour was out of control. They pulled on the lead, were aggressive to other dogs and people. Walking them would fill us with dread.

    Having been recommended Phillip by a friend we made the decision to get some help from Angel Dog Training and we are so happy that we have. We can now take them for walks and not worry about dog aggression. No longer do we have to worry about not having control as they now walk to heal and listen to us. Walkies are now fun and we enjoy doing it.

    Thank you Phillip for everything you have done you are amazing and we will be forever grateful for everything you have done. You’re a dog god and we will recommend you to anyone we know or meet. Thank you Phil xx

    Hannah & Jason Southampton May 31, 2017