• sibling rivalry

    sibling rivalryAfter the loss of our beloved GSD Molly at 11 years old we felt that Bear our other rescue GSD may benefit from a companion. Having been down the rescue route a few times before we started the search and a few weeks later we fostered Chelsea a 5 year old bitch, they seemed to be reasonably tolerant of each other so home she came and that’s when the ‘fun’ started’. Within hours of her arrival they started to fight and Chelsa went for Bear very badly.

    We were shocked at the force of the attack. This then became a regular occurrence, it was horrendous but Chelsea was a super dog in all other ways. Clean, lovely to us and good with basic commands. We really didn’t want to give up on her as she had been through a rotten time. The whole family was constantly ‘on guard’ all the time. We would walk around with a can of pet corrector, I even kept one by my bed and slept with one eye open.

    This could not go on. Six weeks in and we were really struggling both mentally and physically. We decided that we needed help and my husband found Angel Dog Training on Google and an appointment was made.

    Another Fight

    Before the appointment day another particularly nasty fight ensued and I emailed Angel Dog Training and asked for a sooner appointment. Phillip called me and brought the appointment forward and gave me a few tips to keep the peace, even speaking to him made me feel encouraged.

    The day arrived, and we spoke in depth about the situation. Even from the few things we had previously mentioned Phillip had recognised the problem immediately, sibling rivalry.

    We talked about all aspects of the dogs including their diet. What this guy doesn’t know about dogs isn’t worth knowing! Then he retrained us. Everything he showed us made sense. We needed to take back control and following Phillips training, us and the dogs, we saw results within 24 hours. it was amazing, I never would of believed it. Within two weeks they were playing together.

    We have just had the second follow up from Phillip and he is pleased with the results. He was able to see great improvements with the dogs and us! Also a much more relaxed household.

    We were in a horrible place before and Phillip helped us enormously. Without his guidance there is no doubt that Chelsea would have had to go back or worse as the fights were getting dangerous. We now have 2 happy dogs, we’re still working on them both but all the guidance Phillip gives is easily put into place in everyday life and I would say to anyone going through a similar situation, put your trust in this man, it will work.

    Lovely guy, a true dog lover. We can’t thank him enough.

    Sandy, Gary & Pete Southsea, Hampshire September 2, 2017