• Puppy training

    Puppy trainingWhen we decided to get a puppy, we were adamant that we wanted to invest the right time and effort into puppy training. We wanted to ensure we had a happy dog. We did a lot of research before purchasing our puppy but had not found a trainer that we were happy with. Well not until Phillip and Angel Dog Training were recommended by a friend.

    We saw the difference in our friend’s dog and how the training had helped. So decided to give Phillip a call and get our French Bulldog on the puppy maintenance course.

    Puppy Training

    Phillip helped us get Lily house broken in under three weeks, he supported us through socialisation and basic training. We now have a happy settled obedient puppy.

    We wanted to ensure that we did right by our little Frenchie as we knew that they could have a stubborn streak. Phillip has helped us nip this in the bud and manage our confident little pup properly. He taught us about her temperament and how best to manage her but also how to pick up on her body language.

    What we love most about Phillip is he is always available. Always happy to give you a call and provide support throughout. Not only that, he’s not afraid to tell you if you’re being too soft or emotional. Let’s be honest we all need that.

    We will continue to stay in touch with Angel Dog Training and we cannot recommend him highly enough! If you want a happy, well socialised puppy then Phillip is the right man for the job!

    Tamsin and Kelly Southampton, Hampshire June 30, 2017