• Oil suffered with separation anxiety

    Oil suffered with separation anxietyHaving previously been dog owners, and having a good basic knowledge, we found it really difficult to admit defeat. Oil was on his last chance and we were at our wits end. His separation anxiety was so bad he wouldn’t let us out of the house. He was difficult on his lead ,barked at other dogs and people and was highly strung. We couldn’t understand where we were going wrong!

    Phillip and his amazing approach to training has made us look very differently at our approach to Oil and his anxiety, he showed us how well trained our dog had his humans and how we needed to readjust the pack.  With a change of diet to raw food (which we were sceptical about) and some training techniques Oil has completely transformed into a much more confident and less anxious dog. He is no longer as manic and his coat is amazing. The diet has transformed his behaviour. His separation anxiety has now improved such that we can leave him for short periods of time (it is still a work in progress).

    Angel Dog Training Sessions

    We were provided with a really comprehensive pack containing all the information we needed. He spent a lot of time explaining how we could make the changes and demonstrated the training we needed to do with Oil to make a difference.  After completing just 3 sessions our pooch is much happier. Walking and training him is more of a pleasure than a strain. Oil actually loves his dinner rather than turning his nose up now as well.

    Even other people have commented on the difference in his behaviour!

    If your really serious about training your dog then Angel Dog Training really do listen. They tailor the training specifically for the needs you want to address with your dog. Nothing was too much trouble. From advice on diet, leads, training and conditioning. Phillip never rushed out the door and always spent longer with us than the allotted time. Oil adored him (apart from the water bombs).

    It’s been hard work and we are still training Oil now but it was worth every penny.

    Thanks Phillip for all your help.
    Colin, Sam and Oil

    Colin and Sam Lee On Solent June 16, 2017