• Nervous

    NervousBentley my mummified, protective, nervous of other dogs cocker spaniel was driving me nuts!

    I had been to behaviourist/trainers before, who were treat based, with limited success. I saw Angel dog training on Facebook and they said their method was different so I thought I would give it one more try.

    When Phillip came to see us, wow, did he change things. Bentley became a totally different dog overnight. Everyone I knew asked if I had swopped him for another one ?.

    He does still have not so good days, but with the training, Phillip gave me I know we can do it.

    I can not thank Phillip enough for what he has done for Bentley and me. He is the only dog trainer i will recommend. thank you

    Tthank you

    Nervous Cocker Spaniel September 7, 2017