• Instant difference for Sirius the Basset/Springer cross

    Instant difference for Sirius the Basset/Springer crossWe have used the lovely Phillip at Angel Dog Training for our stubborn, excitable, free spirited Basset/Springer cross. Even though very dubious of the “instant effect” claims of others I was pleasantly surprised at the instant difference in Sirius and his behaviour.

    True, after the instant difference, you have to be prepared for the huge amount of effort you must put in. Just as much as the commitment Angel Dog Training make. Be prepared to learn some interesting noises to communicate with. Also the homework takes a lot of time on your part but is so so so worth it.

    By no means is this an easy fix but if you stick with the programme it will pay off. Sirius is now much more chilled out, now knowing his place and actually gets in his bed when told to! He sleeps in his crate at night sleeping soundly and we are working on him greeting guests at the door in a well-behaved manner.

    Sirius is certainly a work in progress but without Phillip and his guidance I fear that we would have resigned ourselves to a life of saying “that bloody dog”.

    Phillip is full of amazing advice.

    • He helped us condition Sirius to love sleeping in his crate.
    • Explained how to move him over to raw feeding.
    • Where not to let Sirius roam when we are out of the house.
    • How to stop his relentless jumping and pulling on the lead and much more.

    All whilst being a really really lovely man. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

    Thank you

    Becki & Tom Taylor Southampton, Hampshire May 4, 2017