• Labrador had started barking at anyone

    Labrador had started barking at anyoneWe loved our Labrador and Jack Russell but their behaviour was beginning to cause us real issues. Our Labrador had started barking at anyone and everyone who came over (he’s a big boy so was quite intimidating). Phillip came along just at the right time.

    Our Jack had started biting bottoms, chasing anyone who ran, biting dogs tails and even growled at us just for cuddling when stood up. Friends had stopped coming over and we were too nervous to let our Jack Russell off his lead.

    Phillip taught us how to be in charge – if only his techniques worked with our children!

    We now have calm dogs who are confident in us as their leaders. They are respectful and content.
    We can’t recommend Phillip enough
    Jen and Steve

    Jen and Steve Southampton, Hampshire May 24, 2017