• Hyperactive Bebe the Jack Russell Puppy

    Hyperactive Bebe the Jack Russell PuppyI found Phillip’s company Angel Dog Training via an internet search. Luckily for me I had found a diamond of a man and dog trainer. He came on the date he suggested and immediately took charge of my Jack Russell puppy aged 5 months.


    She was hyperactive which he explained was partly due to what I was feeding her. Phillip suggested moving her on to a B.A.R.F diet which would calm her down. He was right of course.

    Puppy Training

    He also took the time to explain and show me what I needed to do to train her to sit, walk on lead and recall (coming back when called).

    He was marvellous, so patient with me and my Beatrice. I would absolutely recommend him, he is so professional and caring.

    Pat Ryan Netley, Hampshire July 7, 2017