• Freddy had a lot of anxiety

    Freddy had a lot of anxietyWe have a 7 year old Jack Russell cross called Freddy, who before Phillip came to us, had a lot of anxiety.

    He would bark every time we left him as soon as we closed the door and we had complaints from our neighbours. He would bark as soon as he saw other dogs and people out on walks and generally was just a very scared dog.

    Phillip taught us certain techniques to use with Freddy. He also recommended a different, healthier, diet for Freddy. Since making these changes it’s like we have a different dog! He’s so much more happier in himself and even looks younger than he did before. It’s like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders and ours.

    Anxiety gone

    All his anxiety seems to have gone. He no longer barks when we leave him to go to work. Which means no more complaints from our neighbours. He is a joy to walk. No barking when he sees other dogs and people and he wants to socialise with them. Now we take him to dog friendly pubs. We even socialise him on walks with friends dogs which is something we never thought would be possible.

    We were told before that he was too old to be changed and we were stuck with his behaviours but that wasn’t the case at all. I’m so pleased that we got in contact with Angel Dog Training.  Phillip came to help us and we now have peace of mind that Freddy isn’t stressing out and showing signs of anxiety anymore. He sleeps longer and isn’t constantly on guard.

    I could write pages and pages of how grateful we are to Phillip for helping us out. We would highly recommend him.

    Lindsey & Carl Southampton, Hampshire December 10, 2017