• Doberman behaviour began to take over our livesMy partner and I own 2 dogs. We have a beautiful Doberman bitch called Bella who at the age of six seemed to just exist, she didn’t seem to enjoy walks and just walked along with us and at home she would just sleep, so we both decided to get her a friend for company and to bring her back out of herself. Along came our second dog, a stunning Doberman puppy (dog) called Ian which changed everything. His behaviour soon developed into a very stressful situation for us.

    Both dogs began to take over our lives, we were suddenly confined to the house due to uncontrollable walks. Both dogs would pull so badly that no harness or Halti collar would help. Ian then started to bark at other dogs and as he got older he even started to see them off. Initially we contacted another dog trainer who told us (at the age of six months) to have him castrated, little did we know at the time that this was very bad advice.

    The other trainer also told us to yank him back when he pulled, which made him worse and actually resulted in Ian learning to bounce back and forward like a kangaroo.  This worsening of his behaviour made us both feel very stressed as walking had gone from bad to worse,  so bad the nightmare was starting to affect our relationship.


    Then one day we bumped into a lady whose dog was so well behaved, she told us all about Phillip at Angel Dog Training. We got in touch immediately and soon realised through Phillip’s advice that we had actually been doing everything wrong including their food, sleeping and rest locations and the behaviour we were accepting around the house, all of which was having a knock on effect on how they were behaving on a walk.

    We immediately embarked on Phillip’s new training programme and after investing time and effort their behaviour began to transform into an amazing result. Several months on and both of our beautiful Dobermans now respond to commands and walk nicely on loose leads and all achieved without treats or physical contact.

    As seen in the video I now have complete control whilst out walking and we are now enjoying life with our two lovely dogs. I recommend Phillip to help with any dog situation, he has certainly changed our lives and for that we are truly grateful.

    Susan & Gary Eastleigh, Hampshire January 11, 2018