• Millie the Cocker Spaniel

    Millie the Cocker SpanielWOW- we have a different dog, thanks Phillip for your help and guidance.

    The first three hour session you spent with us explaining dog psychology, food, nutrition and behaviour set the scene so well and really helped us understand why Milllie, our cocker spaniel behaved the way she did and how to put it right.

    Understanding how, using your techniques and changing the way we behaved was the key element for us. Millie’s behaviour changed immediately and continuing to use your regime over the following weeks and months has shown so much more improvement.

    Changing to a raw diet has added to this and is showing real benefits in her behaviour and demeanour.

    Happy Dog = Happy Owners
    We would definitely recommend Phillip to anyone with a dog behaviour problem.
    The change in Millie is unbelievable.
    Thank you so much.

    Kevin,Sheryl & Millie

    Sheryl & Kevin Chapman Totton, Hampshire April 19, 2017