• A calmer 'new' dog thanks to Angel Dog Training

    A calmer 'new' dog thanks to Angel Dog TrainingFrom the first visit we knew Phillip was special and so did our Goldie, Digby. There seemed an instant rapport and the training began almost before Phillip had done or said anything.

    He spent an hour talking to us (me & my wife) to get a thorough idea of what Digby was like and what the problems were that we were concerned about.

    Then it was out in the garden to learn what to do, us & Digby! It was amazing. Digby was more calm and eager to please immediately, and following Phillip’s advice we have continued to enjoy our ‘new’ dog.

    Two more follow up visits, and Phillip has become a friend to us and Digby. We have no hesitation in recommending Angel Dog Training. If you have any training or behavioural problems with your pooch, he is the best!

    Graham and Sally Winchester, Hampshire September 18, 2017