• Barney was aggressive toward other dogsWe had a feisty 20 month Westie who was very aggressive toward other dogs when out on a lead. He would bark and pull really hard. In a few years, if this continued, he would no doubt pull one of us over. (As we are no longer young) Walking him was becoming a chore not a pleasure.

    He also barked incessantly if, when in the house or garden, he heard another dog bark. He had to have the last woof!!

    We contacted Angel Dog Training and although the course usually takes longer, Phillip was great and arranged to see us and help Barney in the short space of time we were back in the UK (We spend a lot of time in France).

    On his first visit we discussed our concerns and he made a plan. One of the most significant changes was diet. We never realised what we fed our dog could affect his behaviour and temperament as well as general condition of coat and skin. Raw food it is from now on!

    What a change

    After two more visits and continued practice we are now back in France and our friends are wondering if we have the same dog! One woof if any when other dogs bark and all but one dog on a lead gets ignored.

    It is early days for us. We will continue to practice but thank you Phillip and Angel Dog Training, our feisty is now a friendly Westie and walking is the pleasure it should be.

    Judy and Ray

    Judy and Ray Southampton, Hampshire June 23, 2017