• aggression towards other dogs

    aggression towards other dogsIt’s hard to put into words how much Angel Dog Training has changed our lives. Phillip is amazing, the second he walked through our door we knew we had made the right choice. We have two boxers and Mia the youngest had become aggressive to other dogs and constantly barked when anyone passed the house.

    It had got to the stage where we couldn’t let her off the lead and didn’t feel comfortable taking her out, dog walking really became a chore.

    We didn’t think she would ever be able to run free again but hoped that Phillip would at least be able to help us calm her down.  After just one session Mia had miraculously transformed into a much calmer dog and with the training techniques Phillip had taught us she quickly became a pleasure to walk on the lead and stopped barking at passers by.

    We have just completed our third and last session and most of this session was about Mia walking off lead, something we never thought would be possible. We are so grateful to Phillip and Angel Dog Training that we can now enjoy going for proper dog walks with our two beautiful girls.

    Julie and David and Ben Waterlooville, Hampshire September 29, 2017