• Rusty was aggressive and nipping

    Rusty was aggressive and nippingWe approached Phillip to help us with our 2 year old male boxer who had become aggressive with other dogs.  He was nipping us when we tried to restrain him away from the situation on two separate occasions.  He would go berserk, jumping, snarling and barking every time the broom, steamer or vacuum cleaner came out.  The door bell ranging, the postman knocking on the door or anyone coming in to the house would have the same response from him.

    He would head butt the crate and bark and snarl when it was bed time. Going out and about was a nightmare as he would literally take “us” for a walk. He would pull, jump and bark.  He was also nipping at our other dogs when food came out. He would go for the cats if they were in the same room. He would also misbehave by running and jumping up at our sliding patio door with all four paws or running up and down our sofa no matter how much he was being told off. If we tried to pull him off the sofa or guide him away he would nip.

    The Training

    Phillip spent time with us as a family and we put into practice his valuable lessons and tips over several weeks.  It took time but it was truly amazing to watch the transformation of our boxer.  We were guided with various routines we had to practice each day and the dedication paid off. Rusty became responsive and we started to see massive changes in his behaviour.  Rusty goes to bed without a problem now, he doesn’t even flinch when the steamer or the vacuum cleaner is used.

    Rusty will sit and obey our commands – no more  nipping or barking. He is and always has been a beautiful animal but we are enjoying him so much more and we as an entire family are all happier. Rusty is even more loving, content, relaxed and happy. A completely different dog from when we started. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Phillip and we highly recommend him. Phillip has an incredible ability to teach and transform.

    Ken and Michelle Totton, Hampshire August 25, 2017