• Some New Year’s Resolutions you can share… with your dog!

    December 18, 2015 | Blog | Phil Gazzard
  • Running With Dog

    There are so many reasons why dogs are often referred to as ‘Mans (and woman’s!) best friend’! They provide loving companionship through good and bad, a source of friendship and plenty of character. If you have a dog, a new year offers even more opportunities and brilliant times to share – plus you can hold resolutions together too. This suggestion is not as absurd as it sounds; as many New Year’s resolutions are instigated towards a healthy lifestyle, and this can be just as good for your dog as it can be for yourself.

    Why not consider embarking on some new goals together…?

    • Furthering fitness – a typical goal for the New Year is to get more active; so this can be a great goal to share with your dog too! Increasing the length and frequency of walks is a great way to get fit and promotes more positive time spent with your pet. Dogs often need and benefit from more exercise than people first think and as long as you pace yourself and your dog appropriately, increased fitness and wellbeing is a very achievable possibility.
    • A healthy diet is equally as important for dogs as it is for humans.– a popular New Year’s resolution trend for 2016 is having a re-think about the quality and health giving properties of what we eat to improve our health and vitality, aid weight-loss and increase lean body mass. In the same way that we humans will always benefit from positive improvements on the nutrition front, our beloved dogs can also benefit from the physiological and mental wellbeing enhancements of a total nutrition overhaul. When choosing the best approach to feeding your dog, remember Mother Nature knows best. You may wish to consider either the virtues of a totally natural raw diet for your dog based on the prey model of feeding or if you prefer to stick to the convenience of a commercially processed food, be sure to do your research on the internet into the real truths about commercial dog food and choose a product which is cereal and grain free, and contains no artificial preservatives, flavour enhances and colourants. Also ensure that the product contains only named and traceable meat types, not just meat derivative. At the end of the day in choosing the best food for your dog, consider the fact that dogs are selective carnivores, so they will quite naturally live longer, healthier lives when provided with the food types which Mother Nature intended.

    Push positivity forward

    Therefore, you can embrace the opportunities the year has to offer – and feel better too – with your dog! The companionship of a canine can help to provide the inspiration you may need.  For more information about dogs, their training and behaviour, you can browse the Angel Dog Training website!