• There are several common forms of aggression that can develop in dogs, but the good news is that no dog was ever born aggressive or badly behaved and therefore there is no such thing as a bad dog. Aggressive behaviour is almost always a learned response which the dog has developed in relation to its environment, it’s experiences and it's interactions with humans and other animals.

    With our expert holistic approach to behaviour modification, we will work with you to identify the underlying root cause of your dog’s aggression and show you how to un-learn the aggressive behaviour through our expert behaviour modification therapy. We will also teach you how to balance your dog and your dogs needs and environment, to ensure that the aggression never returns. All forms of aggressive behaviour can be cured with the right specialist training from your Angel Dog Behaviourist including the following:

    ▪ Dog Aggression
    ▪ Fear Aggression
    ▪ Dominance / Sexual Aggression
    ▪ Stranger Aggression
    ▪ Territorial Aggression
    ▪ Pack Aggression
    ▪ Resource Guarding Aggression
    ▪ Redirected Aggression
    ▪ Maternal Aggression
    ▪ Pain-induced Aggression
    ▪ Predatory Aggression
    ▪ Medically Based Aggression (In cooperation with your Veterinarian)

    It is very upsetting if your dog is aggressive towards either people or other dogs. Walking becomes unpleasant or very difficult. You may find people getting angry or abusive with you. Friends and family stop visiting because they are too fearful of your pet and you may have even resorted to walking your dog in the early hours of the morning or very late at night, just to avoid unpleasant or embarrassing encounters.

    Aggression is one of the reasons why so many people give up on their dog, surrendering it to a rescue shelter or, worse still, having the dog put to sleep. Then the guilt and grief of that decision stays with the person forever. At Angel Dog Training WE NEVER GIVE UP ON A DOG. You may feel helpless and at the end of your tether, but with our professional therapy you will see an amazing transformation from demon to angel.

    It is a fact that dogs are never born aggressive: Something happens to change them. There are many possible triggers, circumstances or experiences that can inadvertently teach a dog to be aggressive. The underlying driving force is usually the fear or anxiety a dog has experienced in response to certain situations. Paradoxically, aggression can be re-triggered as a response by a dog to the sub-conscious fear that it's owner is harbouring in memory of a single incident in the past. Dogs have incredible scenting abilities and can actually smell the fear pheromone that humans project when anticipating certain situations.

    In order to successfully and permanently resolve aggression, a two-fold therapeutic approach is required. With Angel Dog Training's expertise and experience, we will facilitate a team effort between you and your dog to un-learn the aggressive behaviour. We will work with you to find out the cause(s) and rehabilitate your dog, re-educating it with new and acceptable behaviours so that your dog can become a relaxed and well socialised member of your family and a good canine citizen in public.

    The Angel Dog Training "Resolving Aggressive Behaviour" programme is our most inclusive package and also includes Resolving Bad Behaviour as well as comprehensive general obedience training.

    Resolving Aggression Programme Outline

    • Tuition is provided from the comfort of your own home and depending on your training objectives we will work with you from your home, garden and the local dog friendly park.
    • 1 x Foundation Lesson -3 hours tuition
    • 2 to 3 x Mentoring sessions -1.5 hour per session
    • 6 x Months of support by Email, Skype or Telephone
    • Personalised training folder including a written training plan and detailed supporting information sheets provided at the end of the foundation lesson


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