• Our Puppy Management Programme takes place within the safety and comfort of your own home. The programme starts with a full canine personality test for your dog and a fun and informative course in dog psychology for your family. From the results of the personality test, we’ll gain an understanding of your dog’s character and potential behaviour in later life. From these indications, we can create a programme that will best work with your individual dog and your individual lifestyle.

    The Angel Dog Training Puppy Management Programme is comprehensive. Among the many areas covered are sleeping arrangements, feeding, toileting, initial command training and general obedience. We also show you how to communicate with your pet, what commands to give, when to praise and when not to. We’ll provide you with a checklist on socialisation and with articles that deal with a whole range of dog management and obedience issues from first aid to lead work, to overcoming jumping up and biting.

    After undergoing our programme, you will have a happy dog that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

    Puppy Socialisation
    How your puppy interacts with others at this early stage in life is crucial to its wellbeing and behaviour in later life.
    The Angel Dog Training Puppy Management Programme covers all the experiences your puppy needs to encounter to comfortably exist in our world. This socialisation part of the programme occurs before your puppy reaches the critical age of 18 weeks. Given these encounters, your puppy will be ready to accept the workings of our civilised world as normal and won’t be confused in later life.

    The socialisation aspect of our programme isn’t just about meeting other dogs. It includes other animals and human beings of all ages, gender and ethnicity. For instance, one of our exercises is multiple person puppy handling where everybody in the family and friends and neighbours handles the puppy gently and kindly, building up its confidence with strangers and children.

    Accelerated House Training
    Angel Dog Training's’ unique accelerated house training methodology teaches your puppy (or adult dog) to be clean in just three weeks – often less, even in a few days! By using the dog’s natural instinct in deciding where to toilet, your dog will become 100% clean. Our simple procedure capitalises on the dog’s own motivating factors – no treats, no training pads and no cajoling or harsh tactics like rubbing the dog’s nose in its own excrement. Whether you have a garden or not or live in a flat or a boat, our accelerated method has unrivalled success, whatever the environment, whatever the home.

    Puppy Management & Training Programme Outline

    • Tuition is provided from the comfort of your own home and depending on your training objectives we will work with you from your home, garden and the local dog friendly park.
    • 1 x Foundation Lesson -3 hours tuition 
    • 2 x Mentoring sessions -1 hour per session 
    • 3 x Months of support by Email, Skype or Telephone
    • Personalised training folder including a written training plan and detailed supporting information sheets provided at the end of the foundation lesson

    *General Obedience Training module can be added to this package for a small upgrade supplement

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