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    When it comes to dog training there’s not much that Angel Dog Training can’t deal with. Whether you have a behaviour issue, want some help with training or your dog isn’t happy to be left alone we are confident we can help you.

    One of the most important elements of dog training is that each dog is different. Much like ourselves different animals will react to different training methods in different ways. That is why Angel Dog Training don’t just concentrate on a blanket method of training. Instead we’ll get to know your pooch and learn the methods that they are most likely to respond to and take it from there. We know that dog training is a worthy investment so we want to make sure that you get the high level of service that you deserve.

    The Type of Training That We Offer

    When it comes to helping with dog behaviour issues there isn’t much that we can’t help with. We can help with behaviour issues such as your dog jumping up at people, trying to escape and pulling at their lead. We’re also experts in food and item stealing, separation anxiety and even phobias. Anything like digging, chasing, barking loudly and generally behaving badly when you’re out and about are things that we’re able to help with too.

    There is no doubt that you love your pet, but sometimes these behaviour issues can make life with them hard to deal with. You want to be able to leave home and not worry about what you are coming back to, or going out for a walk without your dog gunning for a fight against every other animal that you meet on your way.

    If any of these sounds like something that you need help with then give us a call on 0333 301 3647 or get in touch via the form below today and we’ll be happy to have a chat about what we can do for you, your pet and your family.

    Winston was reacting to strangers badly

    Our French Bulldog Winston had been slowly getting worse over the last 18 months with his reacting to strangers and other dogs. It was getting to the point where I was actively avoiding anyone on dog walk and we had an awful incident with a stranger at a cafe. Phillip showed us that Winston wasn’t Continue Reading

    Emma Janes Southampton, Hampshire February 22, 2017

    Why Choose Us?

    Quite simply; We know what we’re doing. You’ll see from our testimonials section that we have worked with many people in similar positions to yourself and sent them away happy. We’re not a fly-by-night company and we’re not going to just guess on the best way to help you and your pet. We have loads of experience in this field and we’re going to put this expertise into practice and get you and your dog on a road to harmony as soon as possible.

    Had little to no dog socialisation skills

    Thank you so much to Philip for all the help and support you have given to me and Pennie my rescue dog, who had little to no socialisation skills when I rescued her. When I took on my rescue dog, I never thought about whether the dog would play well with other dogs. I just Continue Reading

    Claire Beech Hayling Island September 12, 2016

    How It Works

    We generally find that 3 sessions is enough for each pet. Of course this can be amended if need be. We take a flexible approach to all of your dog training projects. We know that this is the best way to ensure that they get the treatment they need to learn good behaviours.

    Generally the first session will last around 3 hours which sets the foundation for what is needed. We will leave you with some homework to do in between sessions – because this is all about teamwork. We can do the work needed and get you both on your way but at the end of the day the new techniques need to put into practice too! After the first session we’ll do two 90 minute follow up sessions. These will cement the new teachings and ensure that everyone is happy with what we have put into practice.

    You get all of this for an affordable price of £285.

    Dog pyschology for Lexi the Staffi- Cross

    We brought this 9 week puppy Lexi who was a bundle of excitement and joy. We realised shortly after getting her that stern training would be needed. We were keen to do training without treats as we wanted our dog to not be reliant on treats. Instead being obedient to verbal commands and be a Continue Reading

    Francois & Roxy Havant, Hampshire January 30, 2017

    Your Part in the Change

    We can help with training your puppy, getting them to walk properly on a lead or behave well when they are at home but there is only so much we can do. You have to be committed to make the changes at home and follow through on the changes that we recommend. Without you putting in the ground work, your pet will get mixed signals and this will mean that they find it confusing on how to behave. Remember that you are the one in charge so it is down to you to make sure that they know exactly what they need to do and this is followed through at all times.

    Tilly had me wrapped around her little paw

    Tilly, our three year old Sprocker Spaniel had me wrapped around her little paw. It was time to sort her out. She would pull on the lead, bark at other dogs and had poor recall, only coming back when she was ready. Additionally my wife wasn’t confident in allowing her off lead in the park. Continue Reading

    Iain & Val West End, Hampshire January 16, 2017

    We guarantee results you are looking for on the condition that you follow all of our advice and the prescribed daily practice exercises.