• Puppy Training

    Puppy Training will provide your new puppy with the best possible start in life. Lessons cover: leadership, manners, socialisation, housebreaking and beginners obedience and can help to stop unwanted behaviours such as nipping, chewing, jumping, digging and barking. Our accelerated toilet training ensures that your puppy is clean within 3 weeks, sometimes days, and our canine communication ensures that you get things off to the right start to ensure a functional, harmonious and rewarding integration is achieved for your puppy and family 

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  • General Obedience Training

    Our general dog obedience training programme is designed to teach all the essential commands that every dog should know and has been created especially for dogs with little to no formal training experience.

    Within 2-3 sessions, you and your dog will have mastered  Sit / Stay, Down / Stay, Wait,  Leave, Go to Bed as well as loose lead heel walking, front door manners, recall and distance control even with distractions.  This will enable you to enjoy relaxing walks with your dog, friends and family without any stress.

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  • Boat & Yacht Dog Training

    All dogs instinctively know how to swim. However, knowing how to behave on boats safely and hygienically and to enjoy the experience is an entirely different matter. Whether you have a small sailing boat, a speed boat or a giant mega yacht your dog needs to be conditioned for the experience.

    In training your dog for the water, we’ll work closely with you and your pet in a hands-on training programme that includes swimming lessons, toilet and hygiene training, utilising specialist buoyancy and access equipment and sleeping and exercise arrangements.

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