• Angel Dog Training’s resident dog expert Phillip Gazzard is now featuring as a regular guest on the Alex Dyke Show on BBC Radio Solent – Hampshire and the Isle Of Wight’s favourite local radio station.

    Un-tap The Potential Of Your Dog’s Mind

    Phillip-Gazzard-and-Alex-DykeDo  you have a question about anything dog related, from behavioural challenges to simply understanding what may be going on in your own dog’s mind? If so then tune in and feast your ears to a candid canine conversation as DJ extraordinaire Alex Dyke quizzes Phillip on everything dog related.

    Perhaps you are struggling to figure out a solution to an unusual obsessive behaviour with your dog? Does your dog howl, bark or perform destructive behaviours every time you leave for a short while? Are you feeling baffled or edgy when managing your pooch’s unseemly, humiliating or ruinous canine practices? Has your dog developed a tendency to lunge and growl at other dogs? Is your dog constantly on edge and anxious and lacking the confidence to explore through a bustling urban area? Are walks becoming a burden due to your dogs constant pulling and unruly reactive behaviour? Are you still finding little presents of poo or wee inside your house despite following all of the standard house-breaking procedures? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the programme for you.

    Perhaps you have always assumed that you know what your dog is thinking, but do you really? Angel Dog Training’s Phillip Gazzard delves into the depths of the canine psyche, dispelling some of the commonly held assumptions and providing some fascinating insight  into your dogs mind, including inside information on how to optimise the dog-human relationship, plus loads of hints and tips on how to solve a multitude of common and not so common pooch problems.

    Tune in to Radio Solent

    Tune in to BBC Radio Solent on 96.1 FM waveband or DAB on Monday afternoons between 2:00pm and 2:30pm to hear Phillip on the Alex Dyke, Afternoon Wall Of Sound.