• A  New Year is often an occasion when people reflect on their relationships over the course of the last year – including areas they would like to change.  When it comes to dogs, many people regret being too snappy or distant with their pet during the busy times. Or they wish they would have shown affection more to them. Showing your dog that they are loved and appreciated is an important part of maintaining a healthy owner-pet relationship. In this light, January could be seen as the ideal time to emphasize this. Considering ways you can keep your dog aware of the importance of affection, trust and respect are sure to allow for better opportunities for you both this 2016:

    Better Relationship With Your Dog

    Boost the positive potential of the owner-pet relationship

    • Prioritise praise – A healthy relationship is not built on discipline, but on developed praise. This means giving your dog encouraging feedback regarding instances of good behaviour, and therefore reserving times of ‘telling off’ to areas where it really matters
    • Touch talks – ‘actions speak louder than words’ is a common phrase, and this applies not only to people, but to pets too! Petting your dog is a healthy way to share the happiness, and the sensation of being stroked can lead to better animal relaxation. This makes them feel appreciated and builds up trust too
    • Try new things – like in any relationship, bonds are strengthened through new experiences shared. That’s why 2016 could be considered an important time to try something new with your dog. This could be as small as a new walking route or as big and important as a new type of training

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