• What Makes a Balanced and Obedient Dog?

    At Angel Dog Training we love humans as much as we love dogs. Fortunately this is the perfect combination to achieve the most rewarding outcome, because the only way to achieve perfect and sustainable dog obedience training results is through the commitment and willingness of the adult humans -owners to put in place the right learning process in their dog’s own home. Taking personal responsibility to provide the best education for your dog is the best way to set out. 

    Understanding there’s a problem is often the first step to success. Dogs sense our emotions and thoughts and pick up on our energy.Their behaviour is heavily influenced by this along with their reaction to their own environment. Dogs love absolutes and learn best through the example afforded through calm assertive behaviour from you. Most of us have a tendency to anthropomorphise our pets (ascribing human values and rationale to them), showering them with too much human love and treating them like vulnerable babies without the necessary structures, rules and boundaries for them to feel safe. When this happens problems can arise, but not if Angel Dog Training teaches you and your dog how to get the balance right and become happy lifetime companions.

    General Dog Obedience Training 

    • Would you like your your dog to learn to relax and be a calm happy dog that understands eye contact and listens to your instructions?
    • Would you like to keep your dog safe? To be able to stop him/her running into a busy road or charging up to other dogs in the park?
    • Would you like your dog to understand and respond to basic commands like sit /stay and down/stay?
    • Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy taking your dog for a walk rather than the other way round?
    • Would you like to achieve fast and long lasting results?
  • The Angel Dog Obedience Programme has been developed for dogs who don’t have major behavioural problems but who are in need of learning all the basic general instructions and ‘good manners’ both inside and outside the home, including: 

    • Simple reliable sit, stay/wait and come back when called (recall) commands
    • Walking beautifully to heel on a loose lead without pulling or lunging towards distractions
    • No-Jump meeting and greeting manners
    • Front Door Manners so your dog will sit and wait patiently for you to greet or invite visitors indoors
    • Gentle play without boisterousness when meeting other dogs and people, general public manners etc
    • House manners, including knowing your own rules about furniture privileges etc
    • Food manners, including waiting patiently for permission and eating slowly
    • Optimised toilet training to establish a specific chosen spot in the garden for all toileting
    • Balancing the fundamental needs of your dog including mental stimulation and physical exercise
    • Resources for optimising your dogs nutrition
  • The Angel Dog Obedience Training Programme is a great fast-track alternative to group weekly training classes, particularly if they are unsuitable for you or your dog, or if you have a busy schedule and simply haven’t got the time to spend every week at group classes. Or perhaps you simply prefer one to one individual coaching in your own home. What ever your reason, our private home based tuition will achieve fast guaranteed results in a fraction of the time needed in conventional group classes because there are no distractions. Our training is particularly well suited to dogs that don’t cope well with the over stimulation of a training class. If you are looking for rapid sustainable dog obedience training results, then this programme is the best for your dog and your family.
    What is included in the programme?

  • General Obedience Training Programme Outline

    • Tuition is provided from the comfort of your own home and depending on your training objectives we will work with you from your home, garden and the local dog friendly park.
    • 1 x Foundation Lesson -3 hours tuition 
    • 2 x Mentoring sessions -1 hour per session 
    • 3 x Months of support by Email, Skype or Telephone
    • Personalised training folder including a written training plan and detailed supporting information sheets provided at the end of the foundation lesson
  • *Further training lessons can be arranged in addition to the basic programme if required.

    *Behavioural Therapy & Curing Aggression can also be added on if required

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