• We are a nation of dog lovers, in fact there are more than eight million dogs in the UK.  Most dogs in our country are bought for companionship and as family pets, so it is important that children are educated by their parents on safety rules of how to behave around the dogs in their homes as well as in public places so they can enjoy their company and remain safe.

    At Angel Dog Training, the safety and wellbeing of all humans and dogs is our number one priority. Whether you are planning on introducing a new dog into your family, or preparing for the arrival of a new baby, it is crucial that you make the right preparations beforehand by: learning to “Think Dog”, acquiring a thorough understanding of the needs of a dog, gaining a knowledge of how to condition your dog to happily accept the arrival of a new baby, and educating your children on dog safety and the importance of respecting the boundaries and protocols which dogs require to feel safe. As an Angel Dog Training client, you will be provided with comprehensive practical advice, course material and tuition to ensure you are best equipped to optimumise the environment in your home to ensure the safety of all concerned.

    Benefits Of Having A Dog In The Family

    • Children with pets have higher self esteem,and develop better empathy and social skills
    • Having a dog in the family provides a sense of loyalty
    • Babies brought up with a dog or cat in the home during their first year of life have statistically less allergies and asthma
    • Children who grow up with dogs can develop stronger immune systems
    • Petting a dog or cat can reduce anxiety and owning a pet can aid relaxation.
    • Dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and suffer from fewer medical problems generally
    • Exercising your dog is good exercise for both human and dog
    • Children can learn about responsibility, compassion, respect and mortality for another living thing through pet ownership

    Despite all these benefits, we often hear in the media of children getting bitten by dogs. The sad fact is that most dog bite incidences would have been preventable given the right education and safety precautions in place.

    Did you know that 70 per cent of dog bites take place within the home and 80 per cent of dog bites happen from dogs that they regularly meet. More often than not these incidents happen with children being overly familiar with the dog and not adhering to house safety rules on how to behave around dogs. Remember, however unlikely,  even the gentlest dog can bite in certain situations so it is important that children are educated by their parents on how to ‘think dog’

    Some of the reasons why dogs bite

    • Protecting themselves or their property
    • Guarding food or items
    • Physical pain from an injury
    • Feeling trapped or cornered
    • Feeling frightened
    • Awoken from sleep or taken by surprise of your actions
    • Over stimulation from rough play
    • A mother protecting her puppies

    Ten Commandments For Dog Safety

    1. Never ever leave a child or baby alone with a dog
    2. Provide your dog with a safe haven such as a crate or a special room where the dog can achieve essential rest and sleep time
    3. Never go near a dog when it is sleeping
    4. Never approach a dog when it is eating
    5. Never tease a dog
    6. Always ask a dog owner's permission before petting a dog
    7. Never approach a dog that is tethered outside a shop
    8. Never stare at a dog as many dogs find this intimidating
    9. Always respect a dog’s space
    10. Teach your children the “Be A Tree Game” * 

    *When a child is approached by a strange dog they should stand still, arms by side, eyes cast downwards and stay absolutely still and silent.

    Child Safety & Dog Integration Training Programme Outline

    • Tuition is provided from the comfort of your own home and depending on your training objectives we will work with you from your home, garden and the local dog friendly park.
    • 1 x Foundation Lesson -2 hours tuition
    • Personalised training folder including a written training plan and detailed supporting information sheets provided at the end of the foundation lesson

    Speak to your Angel Dog Behaviourist  about our comprehensive module on dog safety for children, as well as optimising your home and conditioning your dog for the arrival of a new baby. 


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