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    Expecting A Baby? What About My Dog?

    Owning a pet is often the first step to a relationship and part and parcel to setting up adult family life. Often dogs preced the arrival of children. It’s a totally new experience for all concerned, not least for your four legged furry friend. Prior to the arrival of a baby, most dog’s have quite naturally been the centre of attention from the humans for some time. It is vitally important to be prepared and make any necessary adjustments in advance. This will ensure your dog feels just as [...]

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    Helping your dog deal with fireworks

    During the autumnal months of the year there are so many celebrations to look forward to such as Divali, Guy Fawkes parties, bonfires and fireworks. While these festivities can give an extravagant and enjoyable display for families and friends, these occasions can be equally terrifying for our furry four-legged friends. Most erstwhile  dog owners will have experienced times where their pet has been beside itself with fear due to fireworks, and have felt powerless with how to comfort them. [...]

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    What makes a balanced dog

    Phillip Gazzard -Founder + Master Dog Behaviour Therapist & Trainer You may be surprised to learn that a dog's fundamental needs for survival differs vastly from that of us humans. At Angel Dog Training we love humans as much as we love dogs. and fortunately this is the perfect combination to achieve the most rewarding outcome for dogs. Leadership and trust between owner and dog is crucial because the only way to achieve perfect and sustainable dog good behaviour and obedience is through the[...]

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    Getting It Right From The Start For Your Puppy

    Add a puppy to your family and you can be sure of this one piece of advice from well-meaning family or friends – “Take it to puppy training classes”. Truth be told, it’s not a bad piece of advice. The trouble is it has the potential to go horribly wrong. A puppy training course is one of the most important classes you could possibly attend. It is also one of the hardest to get right when your dog is going through its most critical development phase. Puppy classes are usually for puppies [...]

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