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    Update from Phillip

    Following on from a serious family bereavement in the past 12 months, I have reached the difficult decision to relocate to my home country to be closer to my family in Australia. Accordingly Angel Dog Training Ltd has been put into voluntary administration and regrettably unable to take on new clients. This relocation is likely to take several months, during which time I will be available for follow ups sessions and existing client support. As timescales become clearer, post Christmas, [...]

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    Top tips for de-stressing your dog

    It can be easy to assume that only humans become stressed – with busy schedules, working weeks and family pressures. Yet what is important to remember – and address – is that our pets can feel stressed too! Dogs can be affected particularly strongly, as they are sensitive to changes in environment and routine. People often confuse the signs of a stressed dog with bad behaviour too; for example excessive barking, hyperactivity and more scratching than usual are all potential signs of a [...]

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    Protect Your Dog From The Fear Of Fireworks

    Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night as well as Divali and New Years Eve are traditionally fun times for us humans, but for animals it is rather a different story. Not all dogs are frightened by the sights and sounds of fireworks, but for those with nervous, timid, shy or fearful personalities, the period leading up to and around Bonfire night can be the most debilitating and traumatic experience for them. Fear of fireworks For some dogs, even the first pop, sight or smell of a firework is [...]

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    Sibling rivalry: Resolving Fights in Multiple Dog Households

    Are Your Best Buddies Turning On Each Other? Sibling rivalry is the term used to classify fighting that occurs within a multiple dog household. It usually starts with what appears to be a normal level of competitiveness among puppies of similar age, gender and development, or adolescent or fully mature dogs struggling for dominance or control of resources (including your own affections). The dogs do not have to be related by birth in order to prevent sibling rivalry. Often when dogs are of [...]

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    4 dog fun facts you may not know about

    Dogs are one of the UK’s best-loved animals – and it is easy to think that we know a lot about them. After all, these are the animals we often share our lives with – in the form of pets and companions – they certainly aren’t called ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing! Do you know about these 4 dog fun facts? Delightful dogs Yet the fantastic thing about these incredible canines is that there is so much more than meets the eye. Why not consider some of the following facts, [...]

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