• Hungarian Viszla de-stressing your dogIt can be easy to assume that only humans become stressed – with busy schedules, working weeks and family pressures. Yet what is important to remember – and address – is that our pets can feel stressed too! Dogs can be affected particularly strongly, as they are sensitive to changes in environment and routine. People often confuse the signs of a stressed dog with bad behaviour too; for example excessive barking, hyperactivity and more scratching than usual are all potential signs of a stressed dog. Fortunately there are some steps you can take to bring ease to your animal, whether they are affected by stress or you just want to keep them as content as can be…

    Ways of de-stressing your dog

    • Plenty of exercise – one of the best ways of de-stressing your dog and relieve some of the nervous tensions which can lead to stress. Take them out for a sustained stretch of exercise. Even if it’s just a walk, this can provide the release your animal requires.
    • Petting matters – having regular and respectful contact with people can help your dog with sensations of agitation. Taking the time every day to stroke and soothe your pet can be rewarding for you both. It builds up trust which can work against stress. Brushing your dog counts too.
    • A healthy routine – having an element of routine to the day can help co-ordinate your dog’s awareness. This gives them something to focus on; such as feeding times. An established pattern of mealtimes and bedtime, for example, adds structure which can also bring security to your dogs day

    A healthy relationship

    Here at Angel Dog Training, we care about compassionate training services which better the relationships between pets, people and their surroundings. Therefore, this keeps stress away and gives more time to play!