• Angel Dog Training have well proven success at training dogs to enjoy time spent at sea, whether it’s on a small sailing boat, speed boat or a giant mega yacht. Good foundation planning is the key to ensure that going aboard for the very first time is a positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience for your dog. We’ll work closely with you and your pet in a comprehensive hands-on training programme that includes utilising specialist equipment to enhance both safety and enjoyment.

    At the end of the course, your dog will enjoy life on the water as much as you do and feel as safe and secure as if they were at home.

    Fun on the water

    An essential part of our training programme is to ensure your dog gets as much fun out of sailing or cruising as you do. One of the first steps in achieving this is to find a special location which your dog will adopt for sleeping and resting.

    We’ll teach your dog to find its ‘sea legs’ and keep its footing in choppy seas. If it’s a problem, we’ll help it overcome sea-sickness so that it enjoys the thrill of a rough sea rather than be stressed by it.

    Swimming is instinctive in all dogs, but the introduction to water is key to the success. Appropriate swimming lessons and our range of floating dog ramps will ensure your dog enjoys swimming from the vessel without any assistance. With Angel Dog Training's introductory training techniques, your dog can learn to use any one of our floating ramps almost immediately.

    Dog's love nothing more than using their mind, so we also include entertaining simple mind stimulation exercises to keep your dog happy with a sense of achievement and mental and physical stimulation while cruising.

    On-board toilet training

    Our yachting and cruising accessory collection includes a hygienic specialist on-board dog toilet. Angel Dog Training can supply these and will train your dog to eliminate reliably on our patented hygienic artificial grass toilet tray with patented pheromone additive, to ensure all business is in the right place. We’ll ensure that you dog understands to use it where necessary – protecting that valuable decking!

    We’ll also optimise the most nutritional food for your dog. This will help contribute to clean and sanitary conditions on board and avoid those accidents that can foul the decking through dog urine or defecation.

    Safety at sea

    Boats can be dangerous places so it’s important to optimise safety precautions. We’ll provide you and your dog with dog-overboard rescue training in the event of an emergency. Entering and exiting tender boats from the main vessel and going ashore can be risky moments. We’ll train your dog to negotiate these safely. Angel Dog Training can also provide dog safety buoyancy apparatus and retrieving lines in the event of harsh or extreme sea conditions.

    Yachting & Cruising Accessories

    Floating Water Ramps for Dogs

    Our floating water ramps for dogs will allow them to get in and out of the water onto a boat platform, dock, or swimming pool deck without assistance. The ramps simulate a shoreline and work with the dog’s natural instinct. With the right introductory techniques, your dog will learn to use it immediately. Angel Dog Training’s range of portable floating water ramps can be attached to the aft or side swimming platform or transom, by cleat or specialist marine grade stainless steel fixings, irrespective of the size of your vessel. The ramps come in various sizes and designs and are portable and lightweight and attach to any dock, boat platform or pool deck in just seconds! The ramps will work with any size or weight of dog.

    When a dog is ready to get out of the water, they swim to the end of the floating water ramp, and, as they walk up, the patented floatation system prevents the incline from becoming too steep. Our Floating Water Ramps can also be used for swimming pools and floating docks or, using an extension kit, fixed docks and bulkheads. The ramps will work with most boats, including Motor Yachts, Pontoon and Deck Boats, Sailing yachts, Ski Boats and Sport Fishing Boats.

    On-Board Dog Toilets

    Angel Dog Training’s three-part system includes a specially engineered artificial turf that contains antimicrobial properties and a perforated base which allows for instant drainage of liquids. A perforated drainage grate keeps liquids separate from the grass ensuring that the artificial grass remains dry and odour free.

    The specially designed sturdy, lightweight collection tray holds almost 5.5 litres of liquid. In addition, a special pheromone additive ensures that dogs are drawn back to the same On Board Dog Toilet automatically, after the initial training has been undertaken. The toilets are sturdy, lightweight, and fully washable ensuring years of hygienic pleasure boating, and keeping those valuable teak decking boards clean at all times.

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