• Resolving Bad Behaviour

    Does your dog have a history of biting, suffer separation anxiety, nervousness or lack the skills to navigate busy urban areas? Are walks becoming a chore due to your dogs unruly behaviour?  Is barking driving you to your wits end? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you have come to the right place.

    Nobody understands the dog human relationship better. With us you will learn to build a functional relationship with your dog, plus the simple techniques to balance your dogs needs to achieve harmony, and resolve all behavioural issues directly from the root cause.

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  • Dog Safety for Children

    Are you bringing a new born baby home from hospital, buying a new puppy for your child, bringing home a new pet to cohabitate with your current pet, or simply needing help selecting a new puppy or dog?

    Our Dog Safety For Children program will give confidence you have done the right planning and decision-making in choosing and integrating your pet. Safety and wellbeing of humans and dogs is paramount. Our tuition ensures any transition is easy, seamless, and that you have the knowledge to ensure safety and wellbeing for your family and pet.

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  • Curing Aggression

    Dog aggression is a complex topic requiring experience and skill to address successfully. Dogs are never born aggressive, however life experiences and environment can contribute to the learned responses that manifest in aggressive behaviour.

    The good news is that anything learned by a dog can also be unlearned with the right training in an optimised environment. With the exception of medical aggression, all other forms of aggression can be cured with our expert behaviour modification therapy.

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