• Dogs are one of the UK’s best-loved animals – and it is easy to think that we know a lot about them. After all, these are the animals we often share our lives with – in the form of pets and companions – they certainly aren’t called ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing! Do you know about these 4 dog fun facts?

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    Yet the fantastic thing about these incredible canines is that there is so much more than meets the eye. Why not consider some of the following facts, uncovering some things you probably didn’t know…

    Dog Fun Facts?

    • A dogs hearing is ten times better! – have you ever wondered why dogs are often so scared of loud noises and able to hear the highest whistles we may not be able to catch ourselves? The answer lies with their incredible hearing; which is up to 10 times more acute than the hearing of a human being!
    • A sense of direction – a dog’s sense of smell can also sense the direction the scent is coming from! How does this happen? Thanks to a dogs wet nose and the fact that they have 600 times the sensitivity of a human nose, dogs are capable of following a scent much more closely and accurately than us humans can
    • The concept of colour – time to confront the myth that dogs can only see in black and white! Rather than having binary vision, it is widely acknowledged that dogs are capable of seeing in different shades including grey, blue and yellow-green. Plus they have a developed ability to see and scent in the dark; significant sensory power!
    • No sweat – the reason why dogs pant so much is because they do not have sweat pores on their skin like a human does. This means they do not sweat, and panting is a way to keep cool

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    Blog updated 25th April 2017