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    The Magic Of Raw Feeding

    The following article on raw feeding was written exclusively for Angel Dog Training by Jonathan Self -Trustee of The World Land Trust and Journalist. Jonathan has written extensively for the British media including Country Life Magazine, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Mail On Sunday.  The opinions expressed in Jonathan Self's article are those of the author based on his own extensive research. These have been confirmed as factually accurate by the acclaimed Veterinarian -Tom [...]

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    Curing Your Dog From Nuisance Barking

    Although it can be argued that barking is a natural part of canine communication, nuisance barking can nevertheless be a behavioural issue with serious consequences for both dogs and humans. Often with dogs being surrendered to rescue centres, and owners being served hefty court penalties as a result of what is a very curable problem. WHY DOGS BARK You may find it strange to learn that it is actually us humans who are responsible for the nuisance barking we complain about. When living in the [...]

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    Fear Aggression: Benson the Boxer

    The Gibson family adopted a 4 year old Boxer who settled into his new home easily and became the best of friends with the families existing Labrador. However, on walks Benson the Boxer was a different animal. His body language stiffened up, was on constant high alert, and the approach of another dog (even passing on the other side of the road), would result in Benson rearing up in an attempt to flatten the other dog. He was clearly showing all the signs of a dog suffering from [...]

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    Phillip Gazzard On BBC Radio Solent

    Angel Dog Training's resident dog expert Phillip Gazzard is now featuring as a regular guest on the Alex Dyke Show on BBC Radio Solent - Hampshire and the Isle Of Wight's favourite local radio station. Un-tap The Potential Of Your Dog's Mind Do  you have a question about anything dog related, from behavioural challenges to simply understanding what may be going on in your own dog's mind? If so then tune in and feast your ears to a candid canine conversation as DJ extraordinaire Alex Dyke [...]

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    How To Spare Your Dog The Stress Of Separation Anxiety

    We all love spending time with our dogs – but with busy lives, including the demands of work, time is a precious commodity. If you have a dog and go out to work during the day, it is, of course, preferable that your pet can stay somewhere where it has the opportunity to socialise; whether it be with other dogs or people. Despite our best endeavours, there may be times when you have to leave your dog home alone. Therefore some important considerations should be taken regarding how to make this[...]

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